“I’ve been fortunate to live in the Aventura area and seeing kids that I’ve delivered grow up and go to college.”

Women looking for experienced, compassionate medical care often choose Dr. Steven Silvers for their feminine needs. Dr. Silvers is a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist who has been serving patients in South Florida for more than 30 years. His comprehensive approach to patient care includes treatment of medical issues as well as surgical procedures when warranted. He even serves as an impromptu psychologist when necessary, as patients bring a host of concerns and problems to his office.

Experience You Can Count On

Dr. Silvers is board certified by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. His established practice works with women from a wide array of backgrounds and with a variety of needs and concerns. In addition to serving his patients well, he is seen as an expert in his field throughout the community. He has been brought in as a professional expert on television programs and has been interviewed by local news stations that have come to trust his medical knowledge and compassion for patients.


Professional Care You Can Trust

Dr. Silvers and his team pride themselves on offering boutique services with personalized care. Whether you just found out you are pregnant or are looking for ways to address symptoms of menopause, Dr. Silvers provides top-notch care and treatments geared to your precise needs. Choose from both surgical and nonsurgical procedures, all delivered with the highest level of professionalism and attention. Dr. Silvers treats all types of patients and issues, including international and high-profile patients, with extreme confidentiality.

“I’m in a specialty that is mostly happy. Most women come in for healthy visits. Pregnant women come in for a happy experience. And you have these patients for life. I build relationships with these patients.”


Call for Your Appointment Today

Dr. Silvers invests in every patient that comes into his office, providing careful, personal and high-quality care. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Silvers, contact his office today at 305-535-9600.

“You get to see them grow, change, and have families.”