A woman’s most intimate areas can change over time due to a variety of factors. You might notice your vaginal lips, known as labia, begin to look loose and wrinkled. As the tissue stretches, the lips can also start to protrude which may lead to discomfort when you wear tight clothing or enjoy in activities like riding a bike or horse. These changes can make you self-conscious about your appearance, and that can impact your intimacy with your partner. Pain during intercourse, which is also a frequent byproduct of vaginal laxity, can only exacerbate the issue.

Some women also notice they are not able to hold their urine as effectively – a condition known as urinary incontinence. This issue may leave you always on the hunt for a restroom and can affect the types of activities you participate in or the places you go. It can also cause embarrassment and even result in avoidance of social situations due to worry over someone discovering your “secret.”

If these concerns are all too familiar to you, Dr. Silvers has a piece of good news for you. Now you can reverse some of those vaginal changes, leading to an enhanced appearance, reduced discomfort and even relief from urinary incontinence. The treatment does not involve surgery, which means you don’t have to worry about incisions, anesthesia or a recovery process. In one quick, minimally-invasive procedure you can turn back the clock on your intimate area and enjoy greater confidence and a higher quality of life.

Introducing Votiva

Votiva is a revolutionary treatment that restores the internal and external vaginal tissue. This comfortable, 30-minute procedure harnesses the power of radiofrequency energy to gently heat and constrict the tissue for tightening and rejuvenation. Unlike surgical methods of vaginal regeneration, such as vaginoplasty and labiaplasty, this treatment allows you to return to your activities immediately following your appointment without any restrictions. Improvement may be noticed right away but more commonly develops over time and can be very long-lasting.

Why Consider Votiva?

Patients may notice a variety of benefits after their Votiva treatments:

  • Reduction in wrinkles on the labia
  • Improvement in skin and tissue laxity
  • Increased blood flow to the area
  • Enhanced sensitivity during intercourse
  • A decrease in discomfort associated with protruding labia
  • Noticeable improvement in urinary incontinence
  • Reduction in uncomfortable vaginal dryness

Is Votiva Right for You?

Women that have seen changes to their vaginal tissue due to childbirth, hormonal fluctuations or the aging process are the best candidates for Votiva treatments. Because it is nonsurgical, there are few contraindications for the procedure. If you are coping with any of the symptoms described, now is the time to contact Dr. Silvers’ office and find out if Votiva is the right treatment for you.

The Votiva Experience

A Votiva treatment is comfortable and does not usually last more than 30 minutes. There is no anesthesia needed before the procedure begins. During your session, Dr. Silvers may use two different handheld devices to provide you with the best possible results:

Forma V

This device applies targeted heating to both the internal and external tissues, remodeling the tissue and tightening the entire area. The process also stimulates the production of elastin and collagen to the area; two essential proteins that support the dermal structure and give the labia a softer, smoother appearance.

Fractora V

The Fractora device focuses on skin rejuvenation, using microneedling to create tiny injuries in the skin that stimulate the body’s healing response. The outer area not only constricts, but it also develops a refreshed, more youthful appearance. These changes can be a confidence boost a woman needs during intimate moments with her partner.

Dr. Silvers will use one or both devices during your procedure, depending on your issues and desired outcome. Rest assured both treatments are equally comfortable, safe and effective.

After Your Votiva Treatment

Once your procedure is completed, you can head back to work or other activities right away. You should not feel any pain, and since you did not require anesthesia or medication for the process, you will not be restricted from driving or other tasks. Patients that undergo Fractora V may have some slight discomfort for a day or so, but it should not be enough to restrict your routine. You can even head to the gym for a workout that same day if you like. Dr. Silvers does recommend waiting a few days after your procedure before having intercourse, to ensure the treatment area has time to heal fully.

Noticeable Results that Last

To reap the most significant benefit from Votiva, you will likely need to undergo a series of treatment sessions. While two to three appointments are typical, Dr. Silvers will create a customized plan for you based on the amount of correction you need and the results you hope to achieve. Sessions are usually scheduled three to four weeks apart. Once you reach the outcome you want, a maintenance treatment once or twice a year will help you enjoy those improvements indefinitely.

If changes to your intimate areas are causing you embarrassment or physical discomfort, help is available. Contact Dr. Silvers’ office today at 305-535-9600 to schedule your consultation and find out if Votiva is the right treatment for you.